Alex Mexicotte

Sales Strategist, Salsify

Amanda O'Neill

Management Consultant, U.S. Government

Emma Hagenauer

Sustainable Fashion Designer & Owner of Regard

Kim Kline 

Professor & Interim Chair, Higher Education Administration, 
SUNY Buffalo State

"I was looking for balance with regard to my physical and mental health. I wanted to live more purposefully based on my values. Alex supported my growth by helping me process my thinking and helped me act without fear. I discovered I had been causing many of my own challenges by trying to anticipate the outcome of situations in my life. Through learning to shift this mindset I am now open to new endeavors, more fully present and see that ny future holds opportunities for me to grow and expand my career while making difference. Whether you are a seasoned professional or if you're in the early years of your career, working with Alex can transform your personal and professional life and help your flourish!"

Ryan Devin 

Real Estate Salesperson & Business Owner

"Alex is a great life coach. Alex has pushed me to become a better me in every aspect of my life (professional, relationships, and social). Each week he brings new and creative ideas on how to better myself. After every session I feel extremely motivated."

Martin Peters

Web Designer

"Working with Alex has helped me to powerfully step out of my comfort zone in so many ways. He has helped keep me on track in my business, break through limiting beliefs, and manage my time more efficiently to support myself and my relationships. Working together weekly has helped me focus my attention within to create outward change. I am continually motivated to continue to take the next step on my journey, even when I am hesitating, because I know that Alex will be there to encourage and support me."

Elliot Olson


"My experience working with Alex was extremely beneficial. Alex tailored his coaching sessions to my needs and what I wanted to focus on. I always had an assignment or material to work on between our meetings which kept me engaged. Overall, I've come away from my experience a better learner and thinker."