• Alex Barilec

The Power of a Deep Conversation

How truly reconnecting with one another can improve your life in every way.

Have you ever been locked deeply in a conversation, and without either of you saying a word, you look deep into their eyes and recognize that they “get you”. These moments are rare. Sometimes we seize them, and other times we both wander back into our own worlds.

The magic of a deep conversation literally changed my life. It was April of 2018 and it was hot and dry, as we wandered through the red desert dust of Canyonlands National Park. As we talked we shared our deepest fears. We shared the dark moments that we had overcome to be the person we were today. We shared our dreams, goals, aspirations and desires. And yes we walked for a long time! Just over 10 miles to be exact.

Something important took place on this hike. As we conversed and shared our stories I felt heard and seen by this woman, who aside from mutual friends and a handful of brief exchanges, I barely knew. It was as if she understood me in a way that no one had ever before. And I felt that I offered that back to her. Feeling like we were seen by the other allowed us to tap into our deepest desires, share them with another human and create a space where we believed they could come true. Lucky for me I seized that opportunity. And just over 2 years later I would ask the beautiful soul to spend the rest of her life with me.

What happened that day in the desert? A combination of many things, but 2 for sure.

1. We deeply listened to one another. Deep listening is more than listening to respond; it is listening so the other feels heard.

2. We created a trusting space to be vulnerable. We shared things with one another that few people on this planet had ever heard, without knowing one another very well.

This is the space that powerful coaching creates. Deep listening and a safe space to go deep, to transform.

Unfortunately, in our world today these conversations seem to happen few and far between. We are consumed in mass-society of ever increasing speed. We are constantly “engaged” with so much information, stimulation and noise that we forget to truly engage with others. Our busy schedules dictate that we run from appointment to appointment without stopping to rest, reset or engage.

What would happen if you gave yourself that space to think? And then go deeper and create the time to explore, to be heard and unearth parts of you that you have kept hidden for fear of uncovering them or simply because you are too busy.

Fast forward over 2 years after that conversation, and not only am I engaged to be married to the woman who I shared that day with, I also have those conversations with people everyday. I have made it my life’s work to engage with others and work to consciously co-create a space where we can explore parts of ourselves we rarely get to.

If you are ready to experience the magic of a deep conversation let’s talk.

And if not, I ask you, where are you creating these conversations in your life?




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